Custom Robots Header Tags For Blogger

You know about search Robots, crawlers will follow your Custom Header Tags upon Indexing . The prepared setup of this element will increase your search engine visibility . Keep reading to bottom of this article. By reading this article , you will get a complete experience about this topic.
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About Custom Robots Header Tags On Blogger

Happy to see you here to increase search engine visibility score of your website .
And i think you are a Blogger User. With the help of Custom Robots Header Tags your Search engine visibility will maximized.
To do this follow this post .

    Explanation of Custom Robots Header Tags

    Before going to  setting up custom robots header tags on Blogger, you should have know all about this . Because wrong use of  it can affect your website . So  I would like to explain you fully.
    The following robots header tags are available on blogger .

    1) all - Crawlers can browse , crawl and index your content.

    2) noindexnoindex tag will prevent search engines from indexing the page.

    3) nofollow If you  want to prevent search Robots from looking up your internal and external links, the nofollow tag will do it for you.

    4) none - Noindex & Nofollow  2 different tags combined to None . That means by this you can by use this tag your page will not be indexed by search bots.

    5) noarchive - Search engines have a copy your website , Usually they store a 
    cached version of your page/website . The noarchive tag will prevent prevent search engines from caching.

    6) nosnippet -  That tag will protect your text snippets from indexing .

    7) noodp - This tag will disable the Open Directory Project (Dmoz). Sometimes Google collect information from ODP .

    8) notranslate -  With this tag you can disable translation on your website .
    you can use the tag to turn off translate.

    9) noimageindex -  If you want to hide your images from indexing , then you can use the tag .

    10) unavailable_after - If you want to remove your indexed page after a period , then you can use that tag.

    All tags are explained . I think now you got a clear knowledge about Custom Robots Header Tags . So we can go to our final setup process.

    Set Up Custom Robots Header Tags


    Step-1: Login to Blogger and select the Blog where you want to setup Custom Robots Header Tags .

    Step-2: Go to Settings》Search performance》Look on right sidebar Under Crawlers and indexing  you will find Custom Robots Header Tags.

    Step-3: Click on edit》Yes and complete the setting , you can follow my settings also shown on the image below .

    Custom Robots Header Tags On Blogger

    Step-4: Please carefully thik the check boxes , because wrong setting of Custom Robots Header Tags will effect on seo performance. Just follow the screenshot already provided .

    Step-5: Finally Click on Save changes.

    You have completed .
    Important Note :  You can check any field as your need but if still you don't have a clear experience i recommend to use my setting only .


    I think the readymade setup of Custom Robots Header Tags will boost your blogs visitors and Search engines visibility will increased .
    If you have any questions about this tutorial , the comment box is waiting for you . Please don't hesitate to tell us your feedback . Thanks for reading . Make a comment , it will  build a  Encouragement to write more useful Tips .
    So friends keep your Blogging .
    Thank you.