PUBG MOBILE Banded Again

PUBG is related to violent behaviour and low educational grades of scholars. Some educational establishments have claimed an instantaneous correlation between the violent game, like PUBG, and therefore the mental state of children

PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has a tricky time globally. solely recently it absolutely was illegal in numerous states of Asian country and currently Jordan has joined the list too. The country's Telecommunications regulatory agency has proclaimed that's has determined to ban PUBG. In India, many state governments had illegal the sport career it 'addictive', 'harmful', and 'distracting'.

Being a violent game, the controversies related to PUBG is not a surprise. In India, PUBG is related to violent behaviour and low educational grades of scholars. As per the Indian authorities, the battle royale game changes the behaviour of the folks over a amount of your time. Recently in China, PUBG was illegal and a replacement government-approved game, Game for Peace, was introduced.

In a statement, Telecommunications restrictive Commission (TRC) of Jordan aforementioned that it's received a "many comments and complaints from an oversized variety of voters and a few involved authorities concerning the negative impact of the sport."

However, PUBG is not the just one. TRC Director of Beneficiaries Affairs Eng. Mohammed AlWathiq Shaqrah claimed that Fortnite is another game that's expected to be illegal.

However, all this point out ban PUBG is not while not actual considerations. Some educational establishments have claimed an instantaneous correlation between the violent game, like PUBG, and therefore the mental state of children. Even the city Commission for cover of kid Rights (DCPCR) had issued associate degree informatory against games like PUBG and aforementioned that it's a harmful, negative associate degreed an adverse impact on the brain of the youngsters.

PUBG, on its half to create the sport safer, has determined to implement digital lock for its users underneath thirteen years aged. The digital lock system can shut players underneath the age of thirteen and that they would got to raise their guardians or oldsters to open the sport for them

Google and Android SystemUI has suspended business with Huawei

Google and Android SystemUI has suspended business with Huawei that needs the transfer of hardware, code and technical services except those publically offered via open supply licensing, a supply conversant in the matter told Reuters on Sunday (May 19), in an exceedingly blow to the Chinese technology company that the U.S. government has wanted to blacklist round the world.

Holders of current Huawei smartphones with Google apps, however, can still be able to use and transfer app updates provided by Google, a Google exponent aforementioned, confirming earlier news by Reuters.

"We ar compliant with the order and reviewing the implications," the Google exponent aforementioned.

"For users of our services, Google Play and also the security protections from Google Play shield can still perform on existing Huawei devices," the exponent aforementioned, while not giving additional details.

The suspension might hobble Huawei's smartphone business outside China because the technical school large can directly lose access to updates to Google's automaton software.

Future versions of Huawei smartphones that run on automaton will lose access to standard services, together with the Google Play Store and Gmail and YouTube apps.

"Huawei can solely be able to use the general public version of automaton and can not be able to get access to proprietary apps and services from Google," the supply aforementioned.

READ: Google blocks Huawei’s access to automaton updates: What you would like to understand
The Trump administration on weekday further Huawei Technologies Co Ltd to a trade blacklist, directly enacting restrictions which will build it very troublesome for the corporate to try and do business with U.S. counterparts.

Channel NewsAsia - Sentifi topic convenience
On Friday, the U.S. executive department aforementioned it had been considering scaling back restrictions on Huawei to "prevent the interruption of existing network operations and equipment". it had been not directly clear on Sunday whether or not Huawei's access to mobile code would be affected.

The extent to that Huawei are going to be hurt by the U.S. government's blacklist isn't nevertheless called its world offer chain assesses the impact. Chip specialists have questioned Huawei's ability to still operate while not facilitate from the u.  s..

Details of the particular services littered with the suspension were still being mentioned internally at Google, in keeping with the supply. Huawei attorneys also are finding out the impact of the blacklist, a Huawei spokesperson aforementioned on Fri.

HUAWEI resistant

Huawei failed to directly answer requests for comment.

Huawei could be a quickly increasing leader in 5G technology however remains passionate about foreign suppliers.

It buys regarding US$67 billion value of elements annually, together with regarding $11 billion from US suppliers, in keeping with The Nikkei business daily.

Huawei is that the target of Associate in Nursing intense campaign by Washington, that has been making an attempt to influence allies to not enable China a job in building next-generation 5G mobile networks.

US government agencies ar already illegal from shopping for instrumentality from Huawei.

Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei aforementioned Saturday that "We haven't done something that violates the law," adding the US measures would have a restricted impact.

Chipmakers together with Intel business firm, Qualcomm Iraqi National Congress, Xilinx Iraqi National Congress and Broadcom Iraqi National Congress have told their staff they'll not offer important code and elements to Huawei till additional notice, Bloomberg reported  late on Sunday, citing folks conversant in the matter.

Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom failed to directly answer requests for comments on the Bloomberg report.

Representatives of the U.S. executive department failed to directly comment.


Huawei can still have access to the version of the automaton software offered through the open supply license, called automaton Open supply Project (AOSP), that's offered at no cost to anyone World Health Organization desires to use it. There ar regarding a pair of.5 billion active automaton devices worldwide, in keeping with Google.

However, Google can stop providing Huawei with access, technical support and collaboration involving its proprietary apps and services going forward, the supply aforementioned.

Huawei has aforementioned it's spent the previous couple of years making ready a contingency arrange by developing its own technology just in case it's blocked from exploitation automaton. a number of this technology is already getting used in merchandise sold-out in China, the corporate has aforementioned.

In Associate in Nursing interview with Reuters in March, Eric Xu, rotating chairman of Huawei, stricken a resistant note in anticipation of punitory actions by U.S. companies. "No matter what happens, the automaton Community doesn't have any right to dam any company from accessing its ASCII text file license," he said.

Popular Google apps like Gmail, YouTube and also the Chrome browser that ar offered through Google's Play Store can disappear from future Huawei handsets as those services don't seem to be lined by the open supply license and need an advertisement agreement with Google.

But users of existing Huawei devices World Health Organization have access to the Google Play Store can still be able to transfer app updates provided by Google. Apps like Gmail ar updated through the shop, not like software updates that ar usually handled by phone makers and telecoms carriers, that the blacklist might have an effect on, the supply aforementioned.

The impact is predicted to be minimal  within the Chinese market. Most Google mobile apps ar illegal in China, wherever alternatives ar offered by domestic competitors like Tencent and Baidu.

Huawei's European business, its second-biggest market, may be hit as Huawei licenses these services from Google in Europe.

"Having those apps is important for smartphone manufacturers to remain competitive in regions like Europe," aforementioned Geoff Blaber, vice chairman of analysis, CCS Insight.

Electronic Passport Service will be in Bangladesh From 1st July

The Government of Bangladesh will start distribution of electronic passport (e-passport) with 10 years validity from 1st July of this year to ease the passport immigration process, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said that todays evening. Asaduzzaman Khan (Home Minister) said “We are working with a German firm to prepare the passport.
E-passport of Bangladesh
 Preparations to start e-passport distribution are almost complete. We hope we will be able to start this service from July 1”. The Home minister was talking this announced to reporters after an Iftar party of the Department of Immigration & Passports at Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC). Replying to a query whether there is any scope to gain all the information from the e-passport illegally,
Asaduzzaman Khan(Home Minister)

The minister also said the allegation of stealing information from the e-passport is irrelevant. In July of last year, the government of Bangladesh signed an agreement with German firm Veridos GmbH to promote Bangladesh into the e-passport era, which was expected to begin in December the same year. In Last June, the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) approved a project to introduce digital e-passports, which is using by many rich countries of the world .

See the old news

Director General (DG) of the board of directors Major General Md Masud Rezwan these days signed the 10-year long contract with the German company at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre in national capital.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal was gift at the language ceremony of the agreement because the chief guest.

Based on the contract, the corporate can give any quite service associated with E-passport and can distribute three large integer passport booklets to the folks, the minister same adding that around one hundred staff of the board of directors also will be taken to FRG for coaching on delivering the services.

With this, East Pakistan these days became the 119th country within the world to start out the usage of E-passports, the minister same adding that “Bangladesh soldiers introduced machine-readable passports (MRPs) within the country in 2010 for the primary time”.

PBN Press personal diary Backlinks Generator code Launched

PBN Press personal diary Backlinks Generator code Launched

Muncheye proclaimed the launch of PBN Press, a full-featured automatic personal diary network creation and management code. ( -- February 22, 2019) -- ny, New York State -- Muncheye proclaimed the launch of PBN Press, a full-featured automatic personal diary network creation and management code.

The code helps users generate backlinks for his or her own sites or shopper sites and can launch on the twenty second of Feb, 2019 at a front-end value of $17. Product launch platform Muncheye proclaimed the launch of PBN Press by Radu Hahaianu et al, an automatic personal diary networks & backlinks code. the merchandise is scheduled  for launch on the twenty second of Feb, 2019 at a front-end value of $17.

Additional info regarding PBN Press is out there at PBN Press may be a web-based app that gives marketers, agencies, and businesses the power to create, manage, and post content across sites with a user's or customer's backlinks for any variety of keywords. the merchandise has been designed to assist shoppers rank their businesses on Google's front page.

The merchandise leverages the facility of PBN backlinks and its creators have termed PBN Press as a secure and reliable thanks to improve Google rankings without concern regarding being fined. The code permits users to make and manage personal, corporate, or shopper blogs and networks through a unified dashboard. Users will build quality backlinks, deploy relevant & ranking content victimisation AN auto-content generator and reviser, and deliver SEO services to shoppers with white label reportage tools.

PBN Press conjointly permits users to line up and manage practical diarys and backlinks among a brief time while not having to attend for days or weeks to deploy content to every blog. the merchandise includes in-app access to support and coaching modules. Users can even use PBN Press to make further accounts that may be wont to build backlinks for shoppers on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and different freelance services sites to come up with a passive financial gain. in keeping with a advocator for PBN Press, "This product is that the 1st code that permits users to rank their websites on page one of Google with automatic personal diary networks managed through one dashboard.

Our product is out there with a poster license, permitting immediate third-party preparation and earnings." PBN Press may be a unified, full-featured automatic personal diary network creation and management code by product creators Radu Hahaianu, Luan Henrique, and Karthick. The code includes access to quite seventy two SEO tools.
additional info is out there at and at the address on top of.

Doing backlink building sort of a ninja: Six best techniques 

As SEOs we all know reach for backlinks must be worn out order to grant the we have a tendency tobsites we square measure functioning on the backlink authority it wants. With backlinks being one amongst the highest 3 ranking factors (depending on that study you’re reading) there's definite worth in doing reach. though this can be created tons more durable due to the mysterious world of black hat SEO.

Webmasters out there square measure savvier to the ways of causing a generic feeling email, and on our half, it’s tons of labor for typically not a lot of come. this can be why I’ve collated an inventory of a number of the ninja backlink reach ways I’ve found that work nice for many sites. At the guts of most of those techniques is a few smart exciting content to form your web site stand out, as backlinks and content work hand in hand. thus let’s get going and earn our black belt in building backlinks. (Apologies, there'll be many a lot of unhealthy ninja connected jokes during this post.) Six of the most effective ways in which to make backlinks one. Sponsoring a university or university team Ok thus before we have a tendency to get into this initial

1. it will involve a small amount of cash on yours or your shoppers half to induce the backlink. though this {is able to|this may|this might|this could} typically value many hundred pounds to sponsor the team and every one you’re asking reciprocally is a backlink from their team page that hopefully if you’ve done the analysis right are going to be on a or .edu domain which is able to naturally have high authority.

2. building technique This one is borrowed from Brian Dean from Backlinko, and you'll get a lot of details from him on this here.
In essence, this approach involves realizeing the highest piece of ranking linkable content you'll find for a quest term you’re making an attempt to rank for. Then you rest on that concept to form a more robust version of the piece and reach resolute the proper individuals to realize the proper exposure. If somebody has created content on the “best prime ten ways in which to be a ninja” you'll go and create a post of the “top eleven ways in which to be a ninja”. it's key to the current technique to form positive that you simply realize the proper space and do the right analysis, thus if you’re functioning on behalf of a consumer get their input then do your own analysis to keep a copy their data.

3. Interview with somebody on your web site affirmative, this can be the way to induce backlinks by doing the majority of the work on your own web site. realize AN adult in your trade ANd convert them to grant you an interview for your web site. Unless you’re running a web site all concerning celebs, most of the people inside any trade are going to be flattered that you simply would need to interview them. the sole stipulation to the current is that they're going to got to have some style of following on social media. this can be because it are going to be the maximum amount in their interest to share the content as yours. thus once you've got the interview share it together with your PR and social team, and permit them to share the piece the maximum amount as they'll, hopefully, you'll get some valuable trade connected backlinks from this.

4. produce a free tool Free tools square measure a good thanks to gain backlinks, all you've got to try and do is look into the SEO trade for this and realize “top free SEO tools” posts to visualize an inventory of free tools, a number of that have solely been created to make authoritative backlinks naturally.

These don't got to be something fancy solely one thing that serves the user. For examples, a mortgage broker making a mortgage calculator could be a easy answer to induce targeted traffic on their web site and gain backlinks from sites associated with mortgages.

5. produce your own information there's tons to be aforementioned concerning the impact of information and the way this will be wont to gain backlinks. Although, what if you've got no fascinating information you'll share to induce out into the news? Well, there square measure ways in which you'll produce your own information. There square measure nice sites like Google Surveys wherever you'll raise a group inquiries to a such variety of individuals and find back true connected information supported your own parameters. though — it's what you are doing with information that counts in gaining backlinks for this system, once you've got completed the post on your web site with a handy guide a rough clickbait headline. Head over to Reddit and realize the foremost relevant subreddits you'll and post your content anonymously to visualize if it gets picked up. just in case it fails to induce picked up by any sites, get on Twitter and begin contacting native and trade press journalists. in time somebody can decide it up.

6. Video transcripts thus this final technique takes its inspiration from Moz’s whiteboard Fridays we have a tendency to all grasp and love. On each video, it's amid a transcript of the video. As Moz is aware of, Google finds it terribly tough to grasp the context of videos, so that they give markup language text that provides a way clearer indicator to Google. This makes their life a lot of easier. however are you able to use this to your advantage exactly? Well, all you've got {to do|to try to to|to try ANd do} is use some recent video content from an knowledgeable or influencer in your field.

Check their web site to visualize if the content is attended with a transcript of the video, if not then jackpot! From there produce a transcript for the video that is on your own or client’s web site. The last steps involve a fast buttering from the influencer on Twitter. It may well be one thing on the lines of “Loved the last video, you’re superb. I actually have created a transcript for the video if it's helpful for anyone, the link is here.” Hopefully, they’ll provides a retweet and with the shares of their content comes some shares and backlinks for you. Conclusion Hope the complete ninja theme wasn’t too cringy. the most purpose is that, affirmative link building is far more durable than it wont to be many years agone. and everybody is thus tuned resolute AN email posing for a backlink that they’re simply progressing to ignore them. Still, backlink building is done. simply suppose outside the box, be a small amount sneaky sort of a ninja, get artistic, and create the most effective quality content you'll for your users. Mark John Osborne is that the SEO Manager at Blue Array, with a passion for maintaining so far on the newest goings-on within the SEO world.
He is found on Twitter @MarkSEOsborne.

For a lot of on backlinks, read: need to remain on prime of the newest search trends?Get prime insights and news from our search consultants. connected reading Despite Google and China's fascinating history, Google's latest movements are with speculation characterised as tries to regain favor with China. Assertive Media's 2018 study of 230 Britain link-building agencies found that 9 out ten used unscrupulous techniques.

So, what makes a high-quality link? SEO ways and insights square measure supporting strategy and higher cognitive process on the far side web site content. Uncover the broader use of SEO intelligence in evolution. Google Analytics is nice, however here's look into newer, less-discussed tools which will be used for on-the-spot analytics, together with Finteza, HotJar, and Text Optimizer. need to remain on prime of the newest search trends?Get prime insights and news from our search consultants.

Pokémon Rumble Rush Is Heading To iOS And Android

Pokémon Rumble Rush Is Heading To iOS And humanoid Image: The Pokemon Company Back in 2017, The Pokémon Company declared Pokéland.
Slated for iOS and humanoid, the sport was to feature toy Pocket Monsters duking it out on varied in-game islands. however the sport went M.I.A. That is, till these days. The Pokémon Company has simply disclosed that the sport is currently known as Pokémon Scramble SP in Japan, whereas internationally, it's Pokémon Rumble Rush.

The Pokemon Company whereas the official Japanese website lists its unleash date as kinjitsu (近日) or “coming presently,” Australian website Vooks is news that the sport has already been free there on humanoid.

Below are gameplay descriptions from the Google Play Store:

 • get pleasure from fast gameplay on the go It’s simple to manage your Pokémon with one hand. Clear stages by dominant your Pokémon because it moves forward. If you see enemy Pokémon, you'll be able to attack by simply sound the screen. faucet to have interaction in exciting gameplay action!

• The islands and seas explored throughout your adventures amendment each period you'll realize unacquainted with and stronger Pokémon on new islands. So, journey through varied islands and seas and collect additional and more Pokémon!

• Upgrade Pokémon of your alternative You’ll typically receive ore after you clear a stage. Refine ore to urge power gears that you simply will use to create your Pokémon stronger. you'll even be ready to refine ore into a summon gear that calls forth a Pokémon to use a robust move. Use power gears and summon gears to assist your favorite Pokémon do well!
• check your strength mistreatment the Pokémon you’ve collected sometimes, you'll be able to earn rewards by operating your approach through the Super Boss Rush. You’ll would like many various sorts of robust Pokémon to win every Super Boss Rush. Harness the ability of the Pokémon you’ve collected from varied islands and seas to defeat the powerful Super Bosses.

• Devices compatible with Pokémon Rumble Rush Pokémon Rumble Rush is compatible with the subsequent environments: humanoid four.4 or higher, flower 410 or higher Please bear in mind although that Pokémon Rumble Rush might not operate on some devices.

With the discharge of the (surprisingly fun) picture show Detective Pikachu, Pokémon is once more within the fashionable consciousness. And license holder The Pokémon Company is attempting to maximize that by releasing the free-to-play Pokémon Rumble Rush for mobile devices. Pokémon may be a Brobdingnagian world franchise that spans completely different mediums: games, anime, books, and over a dozen animated films. however the mobile games ar sometimes less complicated than the role-playing entries on Nintendo consoles.

Rumble Rush is that the latest within the Rumble byproduct franchise, one that originally started on the Wii. alternative Pokémon mobile games embrace the favored Pokémon Go (it brought in $65 million in Apr alone), Pokémon Duel, Pokémon Quest, and Pokémon: Magikarp Jump. In Rumble Rush, you explore completely different islands crammed with the long-lasting creatures, and battle them along with your partner Pokémon by sound on the screen. After every fight, enemy Pokémon have an opportunity of connection your team. Defeating the Super Boss on every island will reward you with things that you simply will use to boost your Pokémon. Rumble Rush is on the market currently on Google Play in Australia, with a worldwide unharness to follow for alternative golem and iOS users later this year. The next games within the inject RPG series ar Pokémon arm and defend, each of that ar returning to Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Custom Robots Header Tags For Blogger

You know about search Robots, crawlers will follow your Custom Header Tags upon Indexing . The prepared setup of this element will increase your search engine visibility . Keep reading to bottom of this article. By reading this article , you will get a complete experience about this topic.
Also Read - Custom Robots.txt file Setting On Blogger .

About Custom Robots Header Tags On Blogger

Happy to see you here to increase search engine visibility score of your website .
And i think you are a Blogger User. With the help of Custom Robots Header Tags your Search engine visibility will maximized.
To do this follow this post .

    Explanation of Custom Robots Header Tags

    Before going to  setting up custom robots header tags on Blogger, you should have know all about this . Because wrong use of  it can affect your website . So  I would like to explain you fully.
    The following robots header tags are available on blogger .

    1) all - Crawlers can browse , crawl and index your content.

    2) noindexnoindex tag will prevent search engines from indexing the page.

    3) nofollow If you  want to prevent search Robots from looking up your internal and external links, the nofollow tag will do it for you.

    4) none - Noindex & Nofollow  2 different tags combined to None . That means by this you can by use this tag your page will not be indexed by search bots.

    5) noarchive - Search engines have a copy your website , Usually they store a 
    cached version of your page/website . The noarchive tag will prevent prevent search engines from caching.

    6) nosnippet -  That tag will protect your text snippets from indexing .

    7) noodp - This tag will disable the Open Directory Project (Dmoz). Sometimes Google collect information from ODP .

    8) notranslate -  With this tag you can disable translation on your website .
    you can use the tag to turn off translate.

    9) noimageindex -  If you want to hide your images from indexing , then you can use the tag .

    10) unavailable_after - If you want to remove your indexed page after a period , then you can use that tag.

    All tags are explained . I think now you got a clear knowledge about Custom Robots Header Tags . So we can go to our final setup process.

    Set Up Custom Robots Header Tags


    Step-1: Login to Blogger and select the Blog where you want to setup Custom Robots Header Tags .

    Step-2: Go to Settings》Search performance》Look on right sidebar Under Crawlers and indexing  you will find Custom Robots Header Tags.

    Step-3: Click on edit》Yes and complete the setting , you can follow my settings also shown on the image below .

    Custom Robots Header Tags On Blogger

    Step-4: Please carefully thik the check boxes , because wrong setting of Custom Robots Header Tags will effect on seo performance. Just follow the screenshot already provided .

    Step-5: Finally Click on Save changes.

    You have completed .
    Important Note :  You can check any field as your need but if still you don't have a clear experience i recommend to use my setting only .


    I think the readymade setup of Custom Robots Header Tags will boost your blogs visitors and Search engines visibility will increased .
    If you have any questions about this tutorial , the comment box is waiting for you . Please don't hesitate to tell us your feedback . Thanks for reading . Make a comment , it will  build a  Encouragement to write more useful Tips .
    So friends keep your Blogging .
    Thank you.

    Add Contact Form Widget And Contact Us Page To Blogger

    Adding a contact form and contact us page to your blog/website is very important. When a visitor browse your website, He/she can feel to contact you for various needs, so this is a very important and useful widget.

      Simple Contact Form Widget For Blogger
      Contact Form Widget And Contact Us Page For Blogger

      Why a Contact Page Important ?

      Most of the blogspot bloggers use third party sites (such as: FoxForm, JFForm, 123contactForm) because  there is no simple plugin like wordpress. But Today I am sharing with you how to create a contact form & Contact us page easily without using any third-party site

      Install Contact Form Gadget

      First of all we will complete this with official blogger form.

      Add the Contact Gadget

      First add a contact form Gadget using following steps.


      Go and login to Blogger Dashboard . Choose your blog where you want to add Contact form.


      Navigate and go to Layout
      Add Contact Form Widget And Contact Us Page To Blogger


      Click on add gadget
      Contact form


      Select Contact Form from gadgets list
      Add Contact Form Widget And Contact Us Page To Blogger
      Contact form
      Well done you has been successfully added the contact form gadget . Follow the next steps to  hide the gadget from your font page/homepage.

      Hide Gadget From Homepage

      There is no problem with the contact form on the homepage. Since it is not needed on the homepage, it is best to hide it. If you do not want to show the contact form in the homepage only then follow this step .
      1) Go to Template from right sidebar

      2) Click on edit html
      Add Contact Form Widget And Contact Us Page To Blogger
      Edit HTML

      3) Find for ]]> (keyboard shortcut: clt+f) . Copy the following code and paste it before ]]> .
      div#ContactForm1 { 
      display: none !important;

      Add Contact Form Widget And Contact Us Page To Blogger
      Paste & Save Template
      After paste click to Save Template . The contract form will not visible anymore to font page/homepage . 

      Add the Contact Form to a page

      You already added the official contact form gadget , now time to customize it to use it on a (contact us) page. To do this task follow instructions below.
      Step 1: Go to Pages from right sidebar . Here you can see and customize all of your pages.

      Add Contact Form Widget And Contact Us Page To Blogger

      Step 2: Now Click on New Page (if you already not added this) . You also can choose existing page from page list (if already created) .
      Add Contact Form Widget And Contact Us Page To Blogger
      New page
      Step 3: After creating a new page you will automatically referred to the page . See next step to add contact form in it.
      Contact form for page
      Paste & Publish

      Enter a Page name example:Contact/contact us . Navigate to post body and paste the code below  (See the screen shot ).
      <div align="center" class="widget ContactForm" id="custom_ContactForm2"><div class="contact-form-widget">
      <h2 style="text-align: center;">
      Please feel free to contact with us . Send us your issue,suggestion,request . Simply we will take 2 days to reply your message via email.</h2>
      <br />
      <h1 class="title" style="text-align: center;">
      Write to us</h1>
      <div class="form">
      <form name="contact-form">
      <div style="text-align: center;">
      <span style="font-size: 1.1em;">Name&nbsp;</span></div>
      <div style="text-align: center;">
      <input class="contact-form-name" id="ContactForm2_contact-form-name" name="name" size="30" type="text" value="" /><span style="font-size: 1.1em;">
      </span><span style="font-size: 1.1em; font-weight: bolder;">*</span><span style="font-size: 1.1em;">&nbsp;</span></div>
      <div style="text-align: center;">
      <input class="contact-form-email" id="ContactForm2_contact-form-email" name="email" size="30" type="text" value="" /><span style="font-size: 1.1em;">
      </span><span style="font-size: 1.1em; font-weight: bolder;">*</span><span style="font-size: 1.1em;">&nbsp;</span></div>
      <div style="text-align: center;">
      <textarea class="contact-form-email-message" cols="25" id="ContactForm2_contact-form-email-message" name="email-message" rows="5"></textarea><span style="font-size: 1.1em;">
      </span><input class="contact-form-button contact-form-button-submit" id="ContactForm2_contact-form-submit" type="button" value="Send" /><span style="font-size: 1.1em;">&nbsp;</span></div>
      <div style="max-width: 222px; text-align: center; width: 100%;">
      <div class="contact-form-error-message" id="ContactForm2_contact-form-error-message">
      <div class="contact-form-success-message" id="ContactForm2_contact-form-success-message">
      <div class="clear">
      <br /></div>
      Step 4: Click Publish button to save your changes . Now view your page and congratulations to your contact us page from me.
      Note: Please change the blog id from code for full control over the gadget.

      Good job you have successfully completed all of all tasks for contact form and Contact us page.
      Thank you for reading this article . If you think that i deserve a thanks than comment please .

      Custom Robots txt File In Blogger

      ROBOT.TXT file is a very important part of the website because the SEO Performance of your site is very much dependent on ROBOTS.TXT file. I think you are reading this post to increase your website's search performance, it's good.
      Also read - Custom Robots Header Tags For Blogger

        Custom Robots txt File In Blogger
        Custom Robots txt File In Blogger

        About ROBOTS.TXT

        Robots.txt is a text file containing some text lines. It is stored on the blogger / website server. Robots.txt determines which page of your blog indexes search engines.

        Robots.txt forbids not indexing anything ..
        Search engines index your blog through their web crawler. This crawler is also known as Spider / Spiderbot, but it is most often called a crawler

        You can restrict any of your page by Robots.txt. You also can restrict Specific Spider By Robots.txt . You can add  your Sitemap which will be Indexed.

        I will discuss Robots.txt another day, let's go back to todays topic "Custom Robots txt File In Blogger"

        Look Up Default Robots.txt

        Blogger has a default robots.txt file on every website .
        You can lookup default robots.txt visiting  , For custom domain .
        It will look like
        User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

        User-agent: *
        Disallow: / search

        Allow: /



        Example Explanation

        The following code described below, See the description to get understand .

        User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
        That means , the adsense spider/crawler can visit all of your pages . This User-Agent is a robots of Adsense.The robot help adsense to serve page related advertise on your site.
        User-agent: *
        Disallow: / search
        This command line for all robots (*) .And Disallow: /search means labels or search page will not index lebel page .

        Allow: / 
        Here Allow: / means Your homepage or root page will be indexed , All robots can index homepage.

        That's added a xml sitemap for search bots . Crawler will index links from this sitemap.

        How To Add Custom Robots.txt On Blogger

        Step 1:

        Login to Blogger Dashboard and choose your site .

        Step 2:

        Go to Settings》Search performance》Crawler and indexing》Custom robots.txt 》Edit 》Yes.
        Now Copy the code below

        User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
        User-agent: *
        Disallow: /search
        Allow: /

        Step 3:

        Now a text box will appear , Here  write/paste your custom robots.txt  code .

        Step 4:

        Click Save button, After editing Click Save button.
        All done , I think  you already done this .

        Some Important Robots.txt Rules

        Here I added some more commands, if needed you can use them. If you do not understand a single line, then avoid it . Because ROBOTS.TXT is associated with your search .
        Add this line Disallow specific post
        Disallow : /post-link.html

        Add this line to Disallow specific page
        Disallow : /page-link/

        Add this line to Disallow specific user-agent
        If you want to prevent a user-agent from indexing , only then use this code.
        Before use the code change User-agent name .
        User-agent: Name
        Disallow : /

        Add multiple sitemap

        You can add one more sitemap.xml to robots.txt . follow this code
        Sitemap :
        sitemap :
        sitemap :

        How to check / test your live robots.txt File

        You can check your live robots.txt by visiting (change to your url). You also Google Robots.txt Tester Tool .

        Final words

        I tried to present the post beautifully, I do not know how much it has happened.
        If the post seems beneficial,please make a comment . I will get inspired to write something better . Comment below if anything else to ask me.
        Thanks for reading this article.

        BD Airtel Loan & Internet Loan Code Talktime & Internet Data loan 2019

        Airtel Loan : Airtel is  largest Bangladeshi mobile network  with over  Million Subscribers . Here we are going to cover a awesome service provided by Airtel for its prepaid users around Bangladesh. Airtel Loan Service which we are going to discuss here is “Airtel Talktime Credit Loan“ and  “Airtel Internet Data Loan” .
        what the Service exactly is ..Right ? Still you are confused / want to get clear information about Airtel Balance Credit Service , we are here to help you.

        BD Airtel Loan  & Internet Loan Code Talktime & Internet Data loan 2019.

        To get Airtel advance/emergency balance dial *141*10# or dial 20141.
        Airtel Loan/Emergency Balance:

        What is Airtel Talktime Loan & Internet Loan Service ?
        Airtel Bangladesh has planned an emergency balance/loan service for their users, To get this offer provided he should meet some criteria and requirements specified by them.

        Let me share  use of Airtel Credit Loan Service with an example..

        To get Airtel advanced balance dial *141*10# or dial 20141.
        I think this post is about what you are looking for , please comment below to share your feeling about this post . You can ask any question , suggestion and advice .
        Thank you for reading this article . Please like our Facebook page to get updates regularly , you can also subscribe to our updates via email .

        Airtel New Prepaid Sim Offers 2019

        Airtel is the most popular SIM Card service Providers of Bangladesh , it is gaining many subscribers recently . Please have a look up Airtel New Prepaid Sim Offers 2019 . What is offered by Airtel for new user as welcome getting ? Read this post for all new sim offer .

        Airtel New Prepaid SIM Offer

        Airtel New Prepaid SIM Offer

        Airtel New Connection Price :(Regular)

        Enjoy the best mega offers on new Airtel prepaid connection , Many offers available at 2019 !

        • New SIM Price: 100TK
        • Preloaded amount: BDT 5 valid for next 90 days (*778# or *1#)
        • Free Internet: 50 MB valid for 10 days ( CHECK *8444*88# or *3#)
        • Landing Tariff: 1.2 paisa/Per sec (offnet) (72p/per min)

        41TK First(1st) Recharge Recharge  Offers Terms :
        • You will get 36TK on your main balance
        • You will get 2GB free Internet for 7 days .
        • You will get 0.8p/m call rate to any local number.
        • Check main balance by dial *778# / *1#
        • Check Internet balance by dial *3# / *8444*88#
        1GB 9TK RECHARGE OFFER Once in First 10 Months

        • Get 1GB with 7 days validity
        • You can get it once in a month
        • Available Only for first 10 months
        • In 10 months you will get 10GB  .

        2GB+1GB 4G 44TK Recharge For 15 Days

        • Recharge 44TK To get this
        • This Offer is available only for 1st 3 months (90 Days)
        • You can get it unlimited time within this period
        • You can't get this one after 90 Days from activation date.
        1GB Facebook + Instagram Only 12TK Recharge 
        • Available for first 2 months
        • Can buy unlimited times
        • Validity 30day / 1 month
        2GB+150 Minutes for 30 days on 148TK Recharge
        • Available During First 3 months
        • Available for unlimited time buy
        • Available for several times at once

        Important Terms & Conditions:month

        • All Customers could enjoy bonus within 24 hours of activation.
        • If the rates are not mentioned then the regular prepaid charge will be applicable (SMS: 0.39 Tk per SMS , Per international SMS: 2.5 Tk).
        • VAT + SD And SC will applicable.
        • Next 30 days cycle will start from 1st 41tk recharge date for the following offers ‘1GB/9tk’, ‘2GB+1GB 4G/44tk’, ‘1GB FB+Instagram/12tk’, ‘2GB+150min/148tk’.
        • To enjoy first 4G bonus All Airtel customers need to havea  4G enabled handse t, USIM and under coverage of 4G network.
        • Before 4G activation, the validity of 4G bonus will remain N/A (Not Applicable). But after 4G activation user will receive 15 days validity automatically.
        • All the Condition And Rates/particulars mentioned will be changed subject to regulatory/business decisions.